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I would like to say that Victor was a very professional photographer and took some great shots at our inaugural event. Some of our competitors also did post competition shoots with Victor and the results were great.

Victor is a class act and we appreciate the support Victor has given to Ultimate Fitness Events.


Sean Everingham, President

Ultimate Fitness Events

Since your fabulous pictures I've gotten quite a few jobs doing shoots with other photographers (none as much fun as you though:P)


Victor, you were such a pleasure to work with.

I was impressed by your professionalism, it made me comfortable enough to push my limits. The staff was just ranting about how great you were for hours after the shoot was complete.

You truly have an eye for photography, and a charming personality to go with it, which is evident even in the pictures capture.

I look forward to working with you again. It was definitely a unique experience, and your patience was truly virtuous.

Thanks again.

Tawny A

I am very hesitant when approached by photographers and I always make sure to view their work and background before making any arrangements. I saw Victor's portfolio growing all the time and fast. His work got better and better and I was excited when he asked to do a shoot with me.

Victor was professional, patient, encouraging, positive and just a joy to work with. I absolutely loved the results and received many compliments on his work. I would love to work with Victor again to see what we create together.

Tanya C

I did my first pro shoot with Victor to get my portfolio going and was super nervous. When I arrived, Victor was really down to earth and made it all a lot of fun. 

It wasn't hard to smile when we laughed as much as we did! I am glad that I had the chance to work with Victor and would definitely use him again!!


My very first real photo shoot of any sort was with Victor, the "the Real Deal" photographer.

This experience as a whole took me to an entire other level...I was feeling good about myself at the time, after having done sowell in a number of different fitness competitions and I really wanted tocapture every moment of this amazing experience in my life.  Victor did just that for me, He was fun and easy to work with, putting all my fears and inhibitions aside.  Victor made me feel like a super model,and I thank him for that.  I had no idea how difficult it could really be to pose for a camera while looking so natural.

It was definitely hard work that paid off...hard work not to mention the thrill of a lifetime. Now that's quite the combo. Working with someone who has so much energy and respect for what he does and the people he works with makes the job complete...Victor is a true professional and it shows through his work and his great rapport with his satisfied customers.

I am definitely one of his very satisfied and honoured customers and I would work with Victor a million times over. Thanks for the experience and the opportunity of a lifetime Victor. I look forward to future opportunities, working to add to both our portfolios, in any type of field that requires a PHOTOGRAPHER.

It is rare to find such an approachable and passionate person like yourself behind the camera...on a shoot or off a shoot;you are a remarkable person to know and a true inspiration for all. Keep up thefantastic job, seem to only get better and better with everyshoot.

The pleasure is all mine...Muah.

Michelle D

Hey Victor,

Thank you so much for working with me, the last two shoots were amazing.

I had a great time and the shots came out wonderful! The next time your available we have to set up another session!

Much luv,



Victor you are truly amazing! You gave me the start I needed to break into the industry and for that I'm truly thankful. You are a creative and fun photographer to work with and always bring out the best in me. Your vision is truly divine. Can't wait for our next shoot.


Victor makes you feel as comfortable as possible while remaining professional through the entire shoot. He is fun, great to work with and all around AMAZING

I would recommend any and everyone to shoot with Victor, he's the greatest!

Niki D

Victor the photographer ROCKS :) Never a dullmoment...and is great with the camera...keep up the fantastic job Victor!!!


Working with Victor was delicious and fun...he made me feel at ease and comfortable from the second I met the pictures looked classy and well calculated.


Since your fabulous pictures I've gotten quite a few jobs doing shoots with other photographers (none as much fun as you though:P)


Victor, did I tell you u ~ROCK~ my world? :) I love shoooooting with u: sparkle in the eye: magic in the air:) Big things to come...U know it!


This man is a legend with the camera. In about an hour he managed to snap off about 200 pictures and better than that, they're all absolutely fantastic! He made me laugh and smile the whole time (even whenI was trying to be all serious) and I'll never go to anyone else if I need photos done again!!!

Thank you so so so so so so much!!! It was atotally comfortable environment to be in and the music was fantastic?

Thanks so much Victor, I love ALL of my pictures!!!


I just wanted to say that your web page is well elaborated and insanely cool! It's so gentle that captures senses that revive sexual desire. Your work is simply inspiring with awesomely well-taken photos lol, very professional. Keep up the good job!!


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